It closes all the secuirty gaps by swiftily detecting the unknown threats


It continuously enhances the efficacy of all the in line tools against new security threats


It accelerates and simultaneously prioritize precise alerts to IR teams
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We believe in equal learning opportunities around the world on InfoSec Domain. Our instructors design courses that are easily accessible to everyone and MOST Budget friendly. You can download handful resources during each course for better learning. We are dedicated to bring more courses so you can have a larger variety of courses to choose from. Our main focus is to provide you BEST KNOWLEDGE yet in Cost effective way!
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  • Best in class Instructors

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Security Operations- 101 to Advanced

Incident Response- 101 to Advanced

SIEM Training- 101 to Advanced

DFIR- 101 to Advanced

Threat Hunting- 101 to Advanced

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You don’t just learn, the practical experience you gain will help you to crack interviews, boost your regular Ops performance.
Professional Growth
Our qualified global instructors work hard to structure courses and give you free resources . In each lesson, they help learners develop clear concepts through activities.
Reputable Instructors
All of our instructors are part of InfoSec industry for decades with ample amount of subject matter experience knowledge
Free Courses
We have a bunch of Free courses in our YourTube Channel which can give a in depth of knowledge and pure taste of the material we deal with.

Virtual classroom

You don’t just learn, you also get a solid hands-on experience from the lab that we provide with each of our course. The Labs and files are created from the best practical real usecase.

What we offer

We offer a variety range of Information Security Training Courses with very affordable Prices compared to the market value. We also offer Security Operations Consultation for small businesses.

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Each course is designed with attention to detail. Our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to helping everyone learn by increasing access to study material.

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We are a group of enthusiast Information Security Professional with decade of experience in different domains of Information Security.